Ayurvedic Yoga Massage
for Women

An extremely effective method for balancing your physical, emotional and energetic body in a welcoming space, to help you be pain free, centred and joyful.

Originating from the Indian tradition, Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (AYM) therapy is a comprehensive Dynamic Yogic Bodywork modality that combines elements of deep tissue massage therapy, yoga-based assisted stretching (passive yoga), and coordinated breath-work into one treatment.
... eliminate excess, purify, strengthen, and rejuvenate ...

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (AYM) was developed by Master Kusum Modak in Pune, India, after many years of studying traditional Ayurvedic massage and Iyengar yoga.

What are the benefits of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage?
Ayurveda yoga massage has many instant benefits physically, psychologically and energetically to:
  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Ease joint pain
  • Realign body structure
  • Relieve stress & induces relaxation
  • Restore and maintains energy levels
  • Improve flexibility
  • Increase mobility and range of movement
  • Improve breathing capacity
  • Support recovery from sports injuries
  • Maintain proprioceptive sensitivity
  • Promote circulation
  • Facilitate restful sleep
  • Treat migraines, headaches
  • Reduce bloating
  • Facilitate digestion
What are the indications for Ayurvedic Yoga Massage?
Ayurveda yoga massage contributes to the alleviation and recovery of injuries and diseases, such as:
  • Stiffnesses
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Sports recovery
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Digestive disorders
  • Sleep disorders
  • Stress, anxiety and depression
  • Headaches

Like yoga, AYM treatments can look very different, as we adjust the treatments to the needs of different clients on different days. The style of each session is adjusted to serve client needs, so sessions can be more or less dynamic, deep, energetic, slow, nurturing and soothing. The aim of the sessions is to help the client feel more centred, and the energy to flow more freely through the body. This might include some deep oil massage, and stretches if appropriate for the client, like something that might be included in a sports massage, physio or osteo treatment. But, in the tradition of Ayurveda, we recognise that it is not only the quality of the soft tissues that we need to work with. Our state of mind and our feelings are not independent of how we feel in our physical bodies. So our primary objective is always to work in a way that allows the client to feel relaxed and safe in their body, and able to breathe deeply. As part of that process, we work to create a safe and nurturing space for the client, and we also try to activate the breathing muscles, relax the tissues around the rib cage, abdomen and pelvis, and promote awareness of the breath. Then we focus on physically softening any tension in the muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia, and to promote healthy joint mobility, by encouraging the nervous system to relax, as well as by physically manipulating tissues with oil massage, passive stretches, tractions and mobilisations as appropriate. By helping clients feel more safe, supported and well in their bodies we can also help reduce stress levels, and promote the healthy function of all the body’s systems.

Treatments are sometimes focused on the area where there is an injury or pain, but generally we do tend to work with the whole body, as everything is interconnected through the nervous system, fascia, circulation and through our movement patterns. So depending on what the client’s priorities are, we usually recommend a series of treatments to help promote the health of the whole body, and to help work on the causes of the issues that the client wants to work on.

Regular treatments can also help to promote our physical and mental health, so we can work towards being as healthy and well as we can. Prevention is always better than cure, and by working on our wellness we can really start seeing the benefits in our life, relationships and our work, as well as on our physical and mental health.

AYM is always adjusted to the needs of the client on the day, but it is usually a deep tissue oil massage followed by assisted yoga stretches, tractions and mobilisations.

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Ayurvedic Yoga Massage improves our physiological system, and generates bodily, mental, and emotional transformations. This intense work, combined with conscious breathing, bestows a state of meditation and recuperation of our vital energy.

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For anyone who is still wondering whether to book an Ayurvedic massage with Amanda, I can honestly say yesterdays was one of the best I’ve had - and I’ve had a few! Amanda is a tension seeking missile and soon found all the troublesome spots which weren’t necessarily where the actual symptoms had arisen. Not only was it a fabulous massage but all the senses were taken care of - Amanda has created a beautiful environment where you are cocooned in relaxing colours, scented oils, cosy linens and soothing sounds (she’s a flipping genius at the old soundtracks) and even laid on a a Guinea fowl to serenade us from the garden - talk about going above and beyond!
It’s almost 24 hours later and I still feel totally nurtured and relaxed almost to the point of comatose - will definitely be going back for more! Thanks Amanda xx
I've always had a massage regularly as my job is quite hard on my back but this massage was different. So relaxing and revitalising. Physical and plenty of pressure but in a gentle guided way which works on the areas you need to concentrate on. The heated futon is so comfortable and Amanda put me at ease.
I've come home feeling different to my normal deep tissue massage I'm used to which normally leaves my feeling very tired. Instead I feel very relaxed and awake and energised.
I'm definitely going to book in again and can highly recommend you give it a try.
What can I expect during an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage?

In practical terms, treatments work on the whole body, with more emphasis on the areas that need more work.

  • A session starts with an oil massage using hands and feet. This gradually warms up and softens muscle tissues and fascia, relaxes the body and mind, helps breathing and improves circulation.
  • We work specifically with the breath to help the nervous system to relax.
  • We use natural oils (if I know you're Dosha type the oil will be specific to you) and a powder from the ground root of Acorus calamus, a wetland plant in the sweetflag family. This gives a pleasant exfoliating feeling, but mainly helps improve circulation and warm up the tissues, intensifying the benefits of the massage.
  • The oil massage is supported by gentle mobilisations, tractions and assisted (passive) yoga stretches - I'm doing the work; not you. These help lengthen the tissues in a functional way, useful if you’ve had injuries. Through these gentle movements we help relax the tendons and ligaments, and improve the circulation and promote natural healing in joints.
Why is Ayurvedic Yoga Massage so beneficial?
  • Ayurvedic Yoga Massage works with both oil massage and movements, meaning your body gains all the benefits of both. Therapists take time to understand your needs and your limits so you never feel over or under worked.
  • Combining working close to your limits and using breathing to help activate the parasympathetic nervous system helps release tension from even the most ‘stuck’ parts of your body.
  • Massaging, moving or stretching tense muscles can cause pain, resistance or agitation. The mindful touch and deep, relaxed breathing that AYM offers helps retrain the nervous system to not react in this way. This is great for moving you out of chronic pain.
  • This whole-person approach to Ayurvedic Yoga Massage gives a lasting feeling of being centred, where you are less likely to feel agitated or restless, and experience increased clarity of thought.
  • The approach aims to help you develop body awareness.
What's the best length for a treatment?

This depends on the individual: how quickly your body responds; how many parts of the body need deeper work; and your priorities/what you would like to get from your session. If you’d just like to relax and have an amazing full body massage experience then we’d recommend 90 minutes. If you’d like to start working deeper on different parts of your body then it depends how many parts of the body you’d like to work on, how quickly they respond, and whether you’d still like a full body massage as well as the deeper work. Generally, muscles will respond faster if (i) they haven’t been tight for a long time, and (ii) the body is used to yoga/bodywork/something where we feel some pain, breathe into it and then feel better. Then your brain associates being in that condition with relaxation rather than with danger/injury. We can work effectively on some people in 15 minutes, if they’re experienced yoga practitioners and we only work on the tightest part of their body. Many regulars prefer 2-3 hour sessions so they can have a full body massage with extra time to work deeper on the areas needing more attention. It’s really open ended as there’s always more that can be done!

Why therapists love AYM too!

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is a wonderful experience for the therapist (me) too. Initially we use a sequence to warm up the body, which allows the session to become a moving meditation. Even new practitioners can experience this, by working to a set sequence that they plan at the beginning of a session. It is also a wonderful technique for other therapists to learn as a compliment to their style, and for yoga teachers to offer at the end of a yoga private.

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is also wonderful for therapists to offer as we work on the floor. So we can use our body weight to offer pressure, and use several parts of our body such as hands/palms, thumbs, knuckles, elbows, fists, feet or knees. So we can always work in the best direction, with the best pressure, and using the optimal surface area so that we can manipulate tissues as necessary, without creating unnecessary pain sensations for the client, and without stressing any joints or muscle groups for the therapist. We also change positions frequently, and look into body dynamics in the training, so offering massage can be a healing experience for the therapist too, not just for the client. Almost like attending an easy yoga class, even though offering AYM is by no means a substitute for a yoga practice.

What’s the difference between Thai massage and Ayurvedic yoga massage?

Traditional Thai massage is given with the client fully clothed, so it’s not an oil massage. In AYM we can warm up and soften the soft tissues and promote circulation quicker through oil massage, and particularly with the use of calamus powder. Once the soft tissues are warmed up with the oil massage, we find that the stretches work better. This is the brilliance of AYM, and specifically of Kusum Modak who developed this method.

As a modality does AYM work with the nervous system and is it Trauma-Informed?

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage combines massage with tractions, mobilisations, rocking, and assisted stretches. Because it is dynamic we see where the body holds a lot tension, and we can work on getting the nervous system to release where we need it to with whichever tools seem to work best for each client. It's often nothing short of miraculous.

Another post singing Amanda's praises after my massage last night. I have never felt so taken care of during a massage, it was an incredible experience. Amanda had clearly taken the time to research what would be beneficial for me, and explained the reasoning behind all the lotions and potions she had picked for me. The massage itself was lush and she definitely is a tension seeking missile, picking up on and releasing areas I didn't even know I was holding tension in. I felt so energised, but relaxed, afterwards and don't get me started on that futon. I could have happily stayed forever.
Just adding my feedback following others as I have just had my Ayurvedic massage with Amanda and it was amazing. She has released so much tension I can’t tell you and understanding where the tension was coming from was really interesting. Thank you Amanda, you are a genius, you have created a beautiful calm environment in your beautiful home - thank you.

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