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There's a yoga practice for everyone, irrespective of fitness, flexibility or body shape. It's simply a case of finding the right yoga for you that matches your goals for practicing yoga; be it to increase flexibility, strength or to self-correct and permanently release persistent stress-based patterns from within your body (Soma).

HulaFit is all about putting the fun back into your fitness! Combining tried and tested fitness techniques with hip-shakin' hula hoops, HulaFit will burn those calories, tone those abs and, above all, give you a feel good workout you will want MORE, MORE and MORE of!

Classes are held in Crank Studios Morley (Core Yoga, Yin Yoga and HulaFit) and in Birstall Community Centre (Hatha and Gentle Somatic Yoga).

To book, please visit the schedule page where you can choose PAYG. Or how about buying a pack of credits or signing up for our monthly membership (classes from as little as £3)? Please check out all of the membership options on our membership page to find the best package to suit your availability.

Weekly Classes

Beginners are welcome to all classes as poses (asanas) are broken down into components to allow you to choose the right components for you and within each HulaFit class I go through the basics of how to hula hoop.


Hatha Yoga - where it all began. Yoga poses (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), mudras and meditation to align and calm the body, mind and spirit.


Penetrating deep into connective tissue (tendons, fascia, ligaments and other connective tissues), expanding flexibility while invigorating the energy centres of the body.


A full body deep core cardio workout that takes Vinyasa Yoga as a starting point (movement with breath); and combines it with HIIT (high intensity interval training).
Yoga is the dance of every cell with the music of every breath that creates inner serenity and harmony.


Slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching during long holds and held by props (cushions/blankets), allowing your muscles to relax deeply and your body to heal.


A mixture of Power and Vinyasa Yoga. Core Yoga is for building strength, stamina and endurance as we hold poses for longer than we would in a Hatha class and work towards more challenging poses.


Incorporating therapeutic yoga and somatic movements that are slow, mindful and help amplify bodily awareness to allow your body to self-heal, self-correct and permanently release stress-based patterns.
"Yoga ceases the movements of the mind."
Yoga Sutras 1:2
Amanda Meadows PRANADI
Find the energy connection that fits you for what your mind and body need right now.

PRANA: life force energy that permeates all matter on the planet - connecting earth, fire, water, air and space. NADI: the channels which the prana runs through in the human body. PRANADI brings all this together: Mind, Body and Soul.

We are all children of the universe.



HulaFit is all about putting the fun back into your fitness!

Combining tried and tested fitness techniques with hip-shakin' hoops, HulaFit will burn those calories, tone those abs and give you a wonder workout you will want MORE, MORE and MORE of!

Whilst spinning a hoop on your hips, at a HulaFit® class you will be encouraged to join in with various routines that will challenge your coordination and motor-skills. A HulaFit® workout will also enhance and develop balance, posture and poise.


View our yoga class schedule and book the classes that fit in with what your body/mind needs right now. Book PAYG or with your membership.
Several membership packages available from per class to unlimited classes per month. Access to a Private Facebook group.
Amanda Ratcliffe PRANADI Yoga


A mala necklace conjures infinity in a way our finite minds can understand. Strung into a circle to be worn or prayed with, it is infinity made intimate.

Our passion is to work closely with you in translating what you want/need into a beautiful wearable work of art.

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    "From the conquest of posture, so by mastering asanas, an invincible, unconstrained freedom from suffering due to the pairs of opposites (such as heat and cold, good and bad, pain and pleasure) is attained."
    Yoga Sutras 2:48

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    PRANADI - Bringing together PRANA and NADI
    Somatic Movement Centre Certified Exercise Instructor Level 2
    Somatic Movement Centre Certified Exercise Instructor Level 2

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