Reiki and Crystals

Reiki and Crystals

Everyone uses crystals in their day to day life – even if they aren’t aware of it.

Quartz watches and in computers crystal energy is utilised in many ways. Many wear crystals in jewellery without knowing the properties but because they are nice and shiny and also as an investment.

However in mind body spirit, crystal energy is used in a more esoteric way including assisting with healing and generating energy grids. Crystals, like all our physical world, are made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies, and channelling Reiki into them can hold the universal energy and support with the healing process taking place.

Different crystals have different properties and by channelling Reiki into them can assist with the cleansing process by taking the crystal back to its original state of being. It can rid any programming already in the crystal and then help with dedicating the crystal before using it. Reiki will work with any crystal but I have found quartz crystals (clear quartz, amethyst, smokey and citrine) and apophylite are fantastic holders of Reiki energy and allow a constant flow when set up in a healing grid.

Simply by holding the crystal will channel Reiki into it, but with intention to cleanse it or to set it for a specific task will certainly enhance this and allow the universal energy to be directed for a specific purpose. Anyone who is Reiki attuned will be directed by the crystal on how best to use it, and this includes any that are regularly worn or used in healing.

If you are a Reiki practitioner you may include crystals in treatments, however this should always be discussed with the client to ensure they are comfortable with this and whether it is relevant for that person. However, when used in chakra balancing you can channel Reiki as you choose the crystals to be used, or when placed on the person. This is always for the higher purpose of the person, and adds the crystal into the healing process of Reiki, the practitioner and the client.

As someone who is Reiki attuned I believe you channel Reiki continuously and when used alongside the innate truth and energy of crystals then an enhanced healing can occur and assist others to create the healing space needed.

Just hold a crystal in your hand and channel Reiki – notice how the crystal feels, notice how you feel – is it warm, cold, fizzy … are you seeing any colours or visions or hearing anything? These insights are worth noting in your journal whenever you are connecting with crystals – but when consciously channelling Reiki notice whether there are any differences. Always document these as it’s worth having the record to reflect on later.

We are all energy, and crystals are unique representations of the energy matrix – so when we consciously connect with Universal Energy the vibration does increase. I suggest you experiment with this yourself and enjoy the connections you have with the Crystalline kingdom and with the universal consciousness we know as Reiki.

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