Reiki and Pets

Reiki and Pets

Animals react and love Reiki, and when you are attuned to Universal Energy you will know that your pets react in different ways.

I believe that like children before the social conditioning comes into play, animals have an innate connection to Reiki and you will find that your pets will come to you for a blast when they want it – and soon walk away when they have had enough. You may find your cat will come to you and place their head in the palm of your hand or your dog will come and sit with you. Remember as well that if your pet sits against your leg that Reiki permeates out and will be accepted. You can’t give too much as your pet will simple get up and walk away when they have had enough. You never force Reiki so just act with gratitude and respect and allow the animal to move to its own space when the time is right.

I have two examples of this, my own cat used to stay away most of the time and be rather aloof – but there was a subtle shift when I was Reiki attuned, coinciding with the cat become older, and she would come and sit on the arm of the chair and rub herself on me so I could place my hand on her back or side … and sometimes her head. She’d then move on. On a night when I was in bed, she’d often come and sit near me or on my legs and accept Reiki. This continued until she passed but her behaviour certainly altered when I was attuned. My friend’s dog was an old lad, who kept out of the way when guests came visiting, I used to go once or twice a year and he’d come out of his hiding place in the kitchen and sit next to me in the chair. I’d simple stroke him and place my hand on him and he’d sit there while I was there. It was always commented on to the point that my friend’s sceptical approach made them ask more about Reiki, as they saw a difference in him when I had been.

These are just anecdotes, and I’m sure others have similar experiences, animals don’t lie and they expect nothing from Reiki but show us what they accept does help them. On a professional front it can be difficult to give Reiki to animals as often Vets need to give permission, but it’s now becoming more widespread that people are offering and giving specific Reiki treatments to animals, so the insurance of this and the acceptance, like many alternative therapies – is becoming more prevalent.

A recommended book on animal reiki is –
https://www.amazon.co.uk/Animal-Reiki-energy-heal-animals/dp/0749952806/ However there are other titles available.

Share Reiki with others, with animals and plants and see how they react, there’s an abundance of universal energy and the more we spread the word the better.

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