Ayurveda Body Harmony

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8 Week Transformational Ayurveda & BellyFit® Course for Women
Limited to 4 People

  • So ... have you put on stubborn weight around your hips and belly that refuses to shift, no matter how many times you dance around the garden in the rain chanting incantations?
  • Are night sweats disrupting your sleep, making you a foggy and moody bitch-of-a-momma-bear the next day?
  • New diet started off really well; you've kept the weight off but you're now tired all the time and your energy levels resemble a Duracell Bunny taking a nap?
  • Feel like you could rip the head from a cuddly toy for no reason? Maybe it looked at you funny ...
  • Feel tired all the time? And brain-fog - what on earth is that about?!
  • Feel bloated/sluggish or tired after meals?
  • Libido? What libido ...
  • Fancy pills or new diets not working for you?
  • Feeling stuck in your body/your life?
  • Over eating/binge eating?
  • Bones feel weak?
  • Basically beautiful woman; have you lost your va va voom?
  • Or maybe it's just a feeling that something's "off" and you want to get your body back in harmony with nature. You want your body to be performing at it's optimum potential. Maybe you're about to go down the road of fertility treatment and you need to "give it your all".

What if I told you that understanding Ayurveda could change your life? Did you know that Ayurveda is the oldest medicinal system in the world? It began over 5,000 years ago in India. Ayur relates to both the duration and quality of life. Veda refers to a science born of yogic insight. “Ayur” or “life” in Ayurveda is described as the harmony of the higher Self, mind, prana, senses and body. This idea of life is not merely physical but includes all aspects of our being and shows the broad and integral scope of Ayurvedic theory and practice.

To me, Ayurveda is a way to find balance and live sustainably. Ayurveda has guidelines but when I see the wonderful effects Ayurveda has on my mind, body and spiritual life, the guidelines become easier to adhere to but it doesn’t mean I’m not free to choose. It gives me clarity so I can choose consciously, and makes a connection between the cause and the effect. With Ayurveda we're all individuals with diets that change according to our body type, our age and even the seasons.

This 8 week foundational course has been created to teach you about this ancient science and how to apply it to YOUR modern world. Imagine understanding your body enough to know exactly what it needs! How to eat according to your specific body type; how to understand your digestion and how it changes with the seasons; how to cleanse any build up of toxins that might be present in your body ... basically beautiful one ... get your body back in harmony to live to your full potential - rejuvenate yourself from the inside out and thrive.

“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.”
Ayurvedic Proverb

In this 8 week course we'll cover:

  • Your unique dosha (body makeup) and how that might change throughout the year.
  • Food guidelines and how to eat according to your dosha; along with daily routines to bring our body back into harmony with nature (homeostasis).
  • How to re-ignite Agni (your digestive fire) to get the most from your food and stop your food being stored as fat!
  • Achieve deep, blissful sleep every night.
  • Restore the energy that flowed through your veins when you were younger.
  • Slow down (or even reverse!) the aging process.
  • Protect your muscle mass and maintain a lightning-quick metabolism.
  • Clear the “brain fog” responsible for fuzzy thinking and poor concentration.
  • Analysing your own digestion and how to make changes to suit your digestive type.
  • 5-day reset plan for your dosha to get your body back in harmony with nature.
  • Seasonal routines and food guidelines.
  • We'll also be delving into fasting to use this healing power to burn fat, boost energy and balance hormones.
  • ... and so much more!
PRANADI Ayurveda Body Harmony



Powerful fluid movement, incredible music, inspiring mantras, magical mudras and feminine energy.

The days of high impact aerobics and endless crunches are over. Science, experience and intuitive wisdom are now showing us that women will get the best results from movement that is low impact, moderate intensity and fluid ~ especially as we age into our 40s and beyond.

We don’t need to punish our bodies to be fit and fabulous. We need to honour OUR BODY’S NATURAL ANCIENT WISDOM and allow the energy of Shakti to rise and enliven every aspect of our being ~ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

This course starts you on a new way of living to get your body back in harmony with nature so that you're bursting with health, vitality, and confidence and look and feel fabulous.

What's included and what's the investment in your health for this amazebobs 8 week transformational course?

  • Three hour introduction to Ayurveda where we discuss YOUR unique body composition (dosha).
  • Access to an 8 week online interactive course where I introduce key Ayurveda concepts to you in an easy to understand format. Login details will be provided in week 1.
  • PDF workbook for each week available for download.
  • 8 Yoga/Bellyfit classes - or a combination of the two.
  • Continued support on a 1:1 or group basis. It's important that you "GET IT". It's important that you understand that this is a unique lifestyle plan for YOU. The backbone of Ayurveda is that one plan doesn't fit all; so together we'll be creating YOUR lifestyle plan that's unique.
Cost:* £129/person.

Starting Sunday June 18th: 11am-2pm (50 Craven Lane, Gomersal, BD19 4QU) for our small group introduction to Ayurveda gathering.

Fancy changing your life? Hop, skippity jump over to the events page to book your place and join the PRANADI Body Harmony family!

FYI: There's going to be homework but we're in it together - a group of beautiful, gorgeous women with a mission to rewrite the conversations we’re all having with our bodies.

Payment plans are available if you'd like to split the cost over a few months - please get in touch so we can chat about what's right for you.

What happens after you've completed your 8 week Ayurveda Body Harmony course and are hooked on everything Ayurveda and Bellyfit? You then join our weekly Bellyfit class to keep your blood pumping/your hips shakin' and still have access to discuss all things Ayurveda.

Much love, Amanda
“The human being has enormous resources in the power to heal. And in those resources lie things that we ourselves need to clear or feel.”
Maya Tiwari

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