Restore & Revive
21 Point Self Care Challenge

When does it start? Evening of the 28th of January* (full Wolf Moon) 🐺🌕

Do I have to do all 21 points? No, this is a personal challenge but we’re hoping you’ll give it your best shot. 🥰

Why is it FREE? It’s our way of giving people self care tools to help STAMP ABOUT the SODDIN’ NEGATIVITY that’s currently rife! With the situation a lot of us are in at the moment we need a strong community, we need to improve our immunity, we need self care practices, we need new habits, we need some FUN and we need the tools to make this happen. They’re in this challenge. ✅

Do I need to have done yoga or meditation before? Absolutely not but they are part of the challenge, it wouldn’t be a “Thrive and revive self care challenge” without them - we need movement for body self care and meditation for mind self care (on the simplest level). There’ll be supporting FaceTime lives to help and guide and create a lovely connection between us all. 🙏

What else is included? Challenges out in nature. Mindful colouring. Journaling. Finding our inner “wingman”. Ayurveda talks on diet/nutrition and body constitution. The wonderful world of crystals.

Is this only available on Facebook? No, all live streams will be on Facebook, Instagram AND YouTube (so make sure you're following PRANADI on your favourite social media platform, links in the footer). The introduction email will provide you with a list of the dates/times of all lives. 👍

Why do you need my email address? To send you all of the information you’ll need in pdf format. You’ll receive a workbook to complete and all supporting documentation e.g. list of nutritional foods particular to your dosha - your Ayurvedic body constitution.

How do I sign up: Simply complete the newsletter signup form at the bottom of this page! Easy peasy.


  • Immune resilience is a skill, an inside job, every person should master for themselves.
  • Train your mind to build immune resilience.
  • Concentrate on breath and find peace/stillness in the pauses.
  • Develop a “breath workout” with meaning and skill.
  • Build your belly bonfire, ignite your Agni.
  • Learn how to organise your body through breath and movement.
  • Learn to “be in your body”. Learn to listen from the inside.
  • Bring more sattva into your life; purity, harmony and balance.
  • Focus on your natural ability, nature’s ability – to heal.
  • Find your inner “wing man”.
  • Remember, better habits lead to better health, no matter how bad your habits or how bad your condition. We all start somewhere.
  • Live and adapt with the seasons in nature.
  • Avoid wallowing and negativity. Learn to “flip it” and focus.
  • The healing mindset of taking action is a skill, not a lucky disposition.
  • There is no such thing as an easy healing journey. Or a fast healing journey. Be kind to yourself and become your own healer.
  • You become your own healer when you learn from your body.
  • Make a date to commit to adhere to your manifesto.
  • Become part of a loving, healing community as we learn and share together.
  • Instigate your progress with small actions (kaizen).
  • Be the champion of your own progress.
  • Choose your body first, every time.

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