Jikiden Reiki Workshop


If you want to learn and understand Reiki in its wholeness here is your chance to learn Jikiden Reiki in our 2 day traditional Jikiden Reiki Workshop - Shoden (Level 1). This is the way Reiki was taught in Japan by Usui Sensei and is still taught today.

Shoden (Level 1)

At the first level of Jikiden Reiki you will receive 3 Reiju (attunements) and learn how to use Reiki to treat any physical condition, disease or injury.

The content of the 2-day workshop includes:

  • What Reiki is and how it works in conjunction with the body's natural healing systems.
  • How to give Reiki treatments in professional and domestic situations.
  • The history of Reiki and the meaning and background to the Japanese characters, terms and 1 symbol.
  • How to detect and treat areas with high concentrations of toxins (the concept of byosen).
  • First aid techniques using koki, gyoshi and bushu.
  • The Blood Rejuvenation technique (Ketsueki Kokan).
  • Exercises to practice and develop your sensitivity (Hatsurei Ho).
  • Practice giving Reiki treatments.
This is ideal for anyone new to Reiki or for those who have been attuned to Western Lineage Reiki but would like to deepen their knowledge of the cultural aspects of Reiki and to understand how Reiki was taught in Japan.

Forthcoming Jikiden (Shoden - Level 1) Workshops

If you're interested in booking onto one of our Jikiden Reiki workshops, please email Paul: paul@pranadi.co.uk.
Reiki I Workshop

2 Day Jikiden Reiki (Shoden - Level 1) Workshop
12th & 13th October

£220 - includes refreshments.
£50 deposit secures your place (non-refundable).
Final balance due by the 1st of October.
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