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Complete the following questionnaire – choosing the relevant answer for your Prakriti (lifetime) or Vikriti (present). For each question you need to choose two answers, one response for your “lifetime” and one response for the “present” – these are usually the same response, but not always. For example, you may choose “Moderate weight” for your lifetime but “Heavy, gains weight easily” if you have started putting weight on over the last couple of years. If you'd prefer a printed version of this quiz, click here.

So sit down somewhere quiet, focus, read the questions several times and answer honestly – no-one is going to see the results except you. Also, don't assume that because you have been selecting the first option in the last 10 questions that you need to select the first option for the rest - you're made up of all 3 doshas and will have elements of each (see below). When you’ve finished the questionnaire, you can print it out or simply make a note of the results displayed at the bottom of the page.

When you have completed the questionnaire you’ll be shown the total amount for the doshas; vata, pitta, kapha. The highest score for Prakriti is your birth constitution – this never changes. The highest score in your Vikriti section is what you are now – these two are not always the same. Once you have your results you can begin to change your lifestyle to bring your body back to harmony; homeostasis.

Dosha Typs

Some individuals are strongly predominant in one dosha or another. These we might call pure Vata (V), pure Pitta (P) and pure Kapha (K) types.

DUAL TYPES also exist, when two or more Doshas stand in relatively equal proportion. Three different dual types exist as Vata Pitta, Vata Kapha and Pitta Kapha.

An even, balanced or VPK TYPE, sometimes called a TRIPLE TYPE, is found, making seven major constitutional variations in total. But don't let this information confuse you, let's just find out about YOU - and we'll take it from there.

1. Body Frame Lifetime (Prakriti)

Body Frame Present (Vikriti)

2. Body Weight Lifetime (Prakriti)

Body Weight Present (Vikriti)

3. Skin Texture Lifetime (Prakriti)

Skin Texture Present (Vikriti)

4. Skin Temperature Lifetime (Prakriti)

Skin Temperature Present (Vikriti)

5. Hair Quality Lifetime (Prakriti)

Hair Quality Present (Vikriti)

6. Face Shape Lifetime (Prakriti)

Face Shape Present (Vikriti)

7. Teeth Lifetime (Prakriti)

Teeth Present (Vikriti)

8. Gums Lifetime (Prakriti)

Gums Present (Vikriti)

9. Tongue Width Lifetime (Prakriti)

Tongue Width Present (Vikriti)

10. Forehead Lifetime (Prakriti)

Forehead Present (Vikriti)

11. Neck Lifetime (Prakriti)

Neck Present (Vikriti)

12. Eyebrows Lifetime (Prakriti)

Eyebrows Present (Vikriti)

13. Eyelashes Lifetime (Prakriti)

Eyelashes Present (Vikriti)

14. Eyes Lifetime (Prakriti)

Eyes Present (Vikriti)

15. Nose Lifetime (Prakriti)

Nose Present (Vikriti)

16. Lips Lifetime (Prakriti)

Lips Present (Vikriti)

17. Quality of Hands Lifetime (Prakriti)

Quality of Hands Present (Vikriti)

18. Finger Nails Lifetime (Prakriti)

Finger Nails Present (Vikriti)

19. Digestive Strength Lifetime (Prakriti)

Digestive Strength Present (Vikriti)

20. Digestive Disturbances from Problem Foods Lifetime (Prakriti)

Digestive Disturbances from Problem Foods Present (Vikriti)

21. Food Cravings Lifetime (Prakriti)

Food Cravings Present (Vikriti)

22. Eating Habits Lifetime (Prakriti)

Eating Habits Present (Vikriti)

23. Food Sensitivities (more than one indicates food allergies or imbalance) Lifetime (Prakriti)

Food Sensitivities (more than one indicates food allergies or imbalance) Present (Vikriti)

24. Urination Lifetime (Prakriti)

Urination Present (Vikriti)

25. Faeces Lifetime (Prakriti)

Faeces Present (Vikriti)

26. Sweat and Body Odour Lifetime (Prakriti)

Sweat and Body Odour Present (Vikriti)

27. Blood Circulation Lifetime (Prakriti)

Blood Circulation Present (Vikriti)

28. Appetite (Agni) Lifetime (Prakriti)

Appetite (Agni) Present (Vikriti)

29. Activities Lifetime (Prakriti)

Activities Present (Vikriti)

30. Strength and Endurance Lifetime (Prakriti)

Strength and Endurance Present (Vikriti)

31. Sensitivity to Environment Lifetime (Prakriti)

Sensitivity to Environment Present (Vikriti)

32. Resistance to Disease Lifetime (Prakriti)

Resistance to Disease Present (Vikriti)

33. Disease Tendency Lifetime (Prakriti)

Disease Tendency Present (Vikriti)

34. Speech Habits Lifetime (Prakriti)

Speech Habits Present (Vikriti)

35. Mental Nature Lifetime (Prakriti)

Mental Nature Present (Vikriti)

36. Emotional Response Lifetime (Prakriti)

Emotional Response Present (Vikriti)

37. Emotional Tendencies Lifetime (Prakriti)

Emotional Tendencies Present (Vikriti)

38. Psychological Tendencies Lifetime (Prakriti)

Psychological Tendencies Present (Vikriti)

39. Social Relations Lifetime (Prakriti)

Social Relations Present (Vikriti)

40. Mental Relations to Objects Lifetime (Prakriti)

Mental Relations to Objects Present (Vikriti)

41. Relationship to Money Lifetime (Prakriti)

Relationship to Money Present (Vikriti)

42. Relationship to Spending Money Lifetime (Prakriti)

Relationship to Spending Money Present (Vikriti)

43. Friends Lifetime (Prakriti)

Friends Present (Vikriti)

44. Love Relationship Lifetime (Prakriti)

Love Relationship Present (Vikriti)

45. Neurotic Tendences Lifetime (Prakriti)

Neurotic Tendences Present (Vikriti)

46. Life Goals Lifetime (Prakriti)

Life Goals Present (Vikriti)

47. Sleep Lifetime (Prakriti)

Sleep Present (Vikriti)

48. Memory Lifetime (Prakriti)

Memory Present (Vikriti)

49. Thoughts Lifetime (Prakriti)

Thoughts Present (Vikriti)

50. Expresses Affection Lifetime (Prakriti)

Expresses Affection Present (Vikriti)

51. More sensitive to Lifetime (Prakriti)

More sensitive to Present (Vikriti)

52. Dreams Lifetime (Prakriti)

Dreams Present (Vikriti)

Lifetime (Prakriti) Results

Vata: 0
Pitta: 0
Kapha: 0

Present (Vikriti) Results

Vata: 0
Pitta: 0
Kapha: 0
Understanding your Prakriti (the dosha you were born with) and Vikriti (the current balance of your doshas) is essential for achieving optimal health from an Ayurvedic perspective. This knowledge allows you to tailor your lifestyle, diet, and wellness practices to your unique constitution, helping to maintain balance and prevent illness. By identifying imbalances early, you can make informed decisions to restore harmony within your body. Now that you know your doshas, stay tuned for more information on social media about each dosha and practical tips to keep them in balance, ensuring a healthier more vibrant life.
“The three constitutions are wind (vata), fire (pitta) and water (kapha). They destroy or maintain the body, according to whether they are sick or healthy.”

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