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Autumn Visualisation

As part of our monthly meditation group we often have a theme for the visualisations we deliver. In the October 2018 meet up we did an Autumnal Visualisation that concentrated on letting go of things that no long serve you. Here it is for you to use and record and is also available as a download. Enjoy! Namaste.

Settle into your body by connecting with your breath—slowly inhaling through your nose, slowly exhaling through your mouth.

Notice how your body and mind begin to soften and relax.

Relax and soften your feet, legs and hips.



Hands, arms, shoulders.

Relax your neck and your jaw.

Relax all of your face muscles, your cheeks and forehead.

Feel a lightness through your whole body – all the way to the top of your head.

Allow your attention to rest on your breathing.

Breathe slowly and comfortably.

Allow your mind to quiet down.

It’s just you and your breath.

You are standing at the edge of a forest, on a beautiful autumn sunny day.

Above you, the leafy canopy is rainbow of autumn colours.

You see brilliant reds and oranges, dazzling yellows and golds.

Beneath your feet, the leaves create a colourful pathway for you to walk along, winding through the autumnal trees.

Start to walk on this path before you.

The stunning array of different coloured leaves make a pleasant crunching sound under your feet with every footstep.

Pause and look up at the trees.

They are tall and lush.

You catch a glimpse of brilliant blue sky through their dazzling canopy of colour.

Their leaves dance within the gentle breeze.

Some of these leaves fall softly toward the ground around you.

They dance in the air like joyful spirits of the earth.

Smell the dusty earthiness of these fallen leaves and the freshness of an occasional breeze.

Allow yourself to soak in the sights and smells of the forest, becoming intensely aware of the details that make this place so soothing.

Continue along the path and gently gaze at the leaves as they continue to gently fall.

As you rest your eyes on the forest before you, admire the trees as they let go of their leaves with such grace.

Allowing a part of themselves to wither away and fall instead of trying to hold onto them.

We can learn so much from these trees at this time of year.

As you look at them be inspired by their wisdom.

In this moment, allow yourself to let go of everything in your mind – to be in a quiet place, a place just for you.

Imagine your thoughts dancing around you and floating to the ground as red, orange, yellow and gold leaves.

Just as the trees nourish themselves by letting go of their leaves, nourish yourself by letting go of your thoughts.

Imagine how trees would look if they never allowed their leaves to fall.

These trees would barley be able to stand majestically within the forest with the weight of all the leaves that no longer serve them.

We’re often like crowded trees, barley standing from the weight of thoughts we don’t want to let go of. Now is the time to let go.

Now see the forest for what it is, a stunning work of nature.

Continually nourishing and replenishing.

Continue down the path.

Before you is a huge majestic tree, reaching high into the stunning blue sky.

Walk up to it.

Sit down at the base of its trunk.

Rest your back against its bark.

Spend some time here, in the middle of this beautiful autumn forest.

Let go of all the thoughts you don’t need as the red, orange, yellow and gold leaves dance around you toward the earth – falling gracefully.

Rest here.

Feel the cool breeze on your face.

Listen to your breath.

It’s now time to leave the autumn forest.

When you’re ready – start to gently move your fingers and toes, bringing awareness back into your body.

Inhale deeply and exhale slow.

Know that you can always return to the autumn forest and let go of your thoughts, as the leaves let go of their trees.

Gently open your eyes and welcome back to the now, the present moment.

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