Foundations-of-reiki-ryoho by Nicholas Pearson

Foundations of Reiki Ryoho

As a Reiki Teacher I enjoy reading the wealth of Reiki books available over the years. The differences and diversity in Reiki are mirrored by the book releases that have come out.

I picked up this book without any pre conceived ideas as although aware of the author and his Crystal books I wasn’t sure of his Reiki life or lineage. The tag line is that this is ‘A manual of Shoden and Okuden’ which are the Japanese names for Level 1 and Level 2, so I thoroughly bought into the ethos that looks at Reiki from its cultural and spiritual history in Japan.

I teach Reiki from a Western Lineage and I am also trained in Jikiden Reiki as Okuden and I found that the information and clear writing style meant that Nicholas brings together both styles and gives guideline to how this can be used by all Reiki students to bring a fresh and diverse approach to living the Reiki way. The book is easy to follow and gives in depth information on all aspects of Reiki in both levels including the principles, the history and overall understanding of what Reiki is and how you can practice.

I personally enjoyed the Japanese Reiki Techniques section that gives a number of different methods that can be missing in some workshops. There is a clear emphasis on Traditional Reiki including Jikiden Reiki and Gendai Reiki Ho which was developed by Hiroshi Doi but gives a balance that will encourage readers to investigate those areas that resonate with them. Reiki is a spiritual practice that is much more than a workshop and certificate and what I loved about this book was the enthusiasm to learn and research the old methods and to understand the honour of following the lineage you were trained in but also to develop your own way and truly live through Reiki day on day.

Reiki these days has come full circle and I sense that more and more people are moving back to the simple Reiki that Mikao Usui first developed, and this book ensures his legacy and those of both Hayashi Sensei and Takata Sensei are honoured and remembered. So I really cannot over state the importance of this Reiki book as a must read for any Reiki person whatever Lineage or level they have been attuned to. It is certainly on the list now for my own students as they make their way on the Reiki path.

Foundations of Reiki Rhoho – A Manual of Shoden and Okuden
Author: Nicholas Pearson
ISBN: 9781620556733

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